New Hiking Trail Inaugurated on Ancient Via Egnatia Trace

New Hiking Trail Inaugurated on Ancient Via Egnatia Trace

TIRANA, November 6

Some 150 tour operators from Albania and the region were the first to hit Via Egnatia, newly inaugurated hiking trail on the traces of the ancient Egnatia road in Bradashesh village, Elbasan Region. The inauguration of the trail was part of an international meeting of mountain and cultural tourism held in Bradashesh. The purpose of the meeting was to further promote and encourage the combination of tourism and history. The meeting was attended by tour operators from Albania and the region, while Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi said that Via Egnatia is a part of a major plan on tourism destinations and a specific project will be implemented in order to rehabilitate the ancient road and to further push for an all-year-round tourist attraction.
Moreover, he also highlighted that the fact that historic landmarks like Via Egnatia have long been forgotten is unforgivable. He also pointed out the problem of waste management in rural areas that have a negative impact on tourism development. Thus, he asked for cooperation from the part of the local power in order to preserve the environment.

All the roads lead to Rome

Via Egnatia is an ancient road built by the Romans during the second century BC that connected Rome to the Eastern regions. In Albania, the trace of Via Egnatia begins in Durres and it is divided into two itineraries. One leads to the ancient site of Apollonia, in Fier area, and the other runs through Elbasan, to Qafe-Thane, Struga, Ohrid, Bitola, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, and beyond.
The section from Peqin to Elbasan had only one station known as Ad Quintum in Bradashesh.
Via Egnatia would be an excellent multi-day hiking trail for walkers that can walk the entire road or only some of its itineraries. If you’re looking for an outdoor trekking holiday through the Albanian landscape, Via Egnatia is a great option.

News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: B. Klosi

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