New draft law on tourism presented by the Minister of Economic Development

New draft law on tourism presented by the Minister of Economic Development

The parliamentary Commission of Producing Activities held a hearing session on May 12th with groups of interest which operate in the tourism sector in the country. One of the main requests of the groups of interests was the categorization and the certification of the businesses which operate in this sector such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

During the previous week, the Minister of Economic Development presented a new draft law on the tourism sector, with the aim to improve Albania as a touristic destination for Albanians and foreign tourists. The new law supports the sustainable development of tourism in a healthy and safe environment and aims to respect the necessities of current and future tourists.

“The law will provide new opportunities for entrepreneurship to utilize the coastline territories and also aims to reduce the informality and increase the quality of services,” declared Ahmetaj. The law, according to the Minister, will serve as a basis for the standardization of hotels based on starts and in this way to increase the quality of services.

Despite this, the law consists of several regulations for the protection of cultural sites and the historical heritage in touristic places, in order to inherit them to the future generations.

Tourism is one of the prior sectors of the Albanian economy and the new law enforces this important fact by providing new facilities for investors and tourists. The tourism sector has high potential to reduce the unemployment and to develop the rural communities.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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