New Customs Terminal Inaugurated in Qafe Thane-Kasafan

New Customs Terminal Inaugurated in Qafe Thane-Kasafan

TIRANA, 17 September

On Monday, 16 September the new customs terminal was inaugurated in Qafe Thane-Kasafan, in the Albanian border with North Macedonia. This project was funded by the EU and had a value of €1.7 million. This new customs terminal will contribute to the increase of the capacities for trade exchange and the reduction of time for border formalities. At the inauguration ceremony were present the General Director of Customs, Arlind Gjokutaj, the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, and the General Director of Macedonian customs, Gjoko Tanasoski.

Gjokutaj said that the two groups of work from both customs’ administrations are working to have a mutual protocol of border and customs controls, with a stoppage that will reduce the time of waiting for the passengers, that will result in the reduction of costs for economic operators, and development of trade between the two countries. The new customs terminal has a building for customs procedures, objects for control of 3 transportation vehicles at the same time, and an entry-exit control point.


Photo Credit/Gazeta Express

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