New Bill to Impose Tough Sanctions on Building Safety

New Bill to Impose Tough Sanctions on Building Safety

TIRANA, September 8

A new draft law on construction safety aims at improving the existing legal framework as well as imposing hefty penalties for construction developers that don’t comply with the law. The new bill comes as a necessity following the major damage caused by the earthquake of November 26th. In many cases, it was impossible to find a responsible for poor quality construction in buildings that were partially or fully-destroyed buildings.
Hence, the bill defines penalties between Lek 1 to 3 million depending on the relevance of the breach. The existing law defines penalties from Lek 50,000 up to Lek 2 million.
Moreover, the bill outlines measures for every breach of the provisions that regulate the profession and activity of construction designers, developers, supervisors, technical directors, etc. The penalties include warnings on license revocation, additional training, suspension up to five years, permanent license revocation.
Furthermore, the bill stipulates the creation of a register of all licensed professionals. The bill is on the general discussion phase.

Source: Scan TV

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