New Bill on Protected Areas Conforming to EU’s Directive

New Bill on Protected Areas Conforming to EU’s Directive

TIRANA, October 15

A new draft-law that aims at strengthening the legal frame on wildlife and protected area management and that is currently on its public discussion stage also includes the European Commission as a crucial institution.
The purpose of the changes to the existing law is to preserve natural habitats and species of wild animals and birds of interests for the European community; to assess and monitors the biodiversity status in Albania.
Moreover, the draft law also focuses on the sustainable use of natural resources on behalf of future generations. One of the goals of the legal initiative is to manage and bring natural habitats and wild species to a favorable status of conservation.
All the information about each of the areas will be delivered to the European Commission in order to evaluate and coordinate the necessary action for the creation of a consistent network.
Special protection will be given to endangered species and to specific species that require special attention due to the unique nature of their habitat.

Protection Measures

At the moment that one area is inscribed in the list of protected areas, it will be subject to conservation measures. Specific measures on management and conservation will be defined for each area based on the Habitats Directive.
Every project or plan that is not related directly to the area but it may have an impact on it will be subject to an assessment report. Based on the results of the report, the responsible authorities will adopt the project only when it is not going to affect the area integrity and after public discussions.
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