New Albanian Airline to Begin Operations by 2018

New Albanian Airline to Begin Operations by 2018

TIRANA, July 12

The Albanian Airline will start its flights will begin operating its flights from Albania to the region and other countries. Top Channel reported that this was confirmed by Turkish Airlines. The company is supporting the Albanian government for the establishment of the Albanian airline.
Turkish Airlines chairman Ilker Ayci declared for the media that the project is going according to all expectations. He said that the Turkish airline expects that the Italian companies reduce their flights from and to Albania and this will increase chances for a strategical cooperation between Albania and Turkish Airlines.
The creation of an Albanian airline was announced by Prime Minister Edi Rama since May. The Turkish Company joined the project for assisting the Albanian government following a joint decision between Rama and Turkish President Erdogan.
Sources from the PM’s office confirmed that the company will be privately owned. According to them, in the beginning, the airline will start with a short-haul network. Later the number of flight and destinations will expand.
Currently, annual traffic data show that 2.2 million passengers travel from Mother Teresa Airport and almost half of them are dominated by Italian airlines.

News Source: TCh

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