New Albanian-Italian joint project for the touristic development of Skrapar city

New Albanian-Italian joint project for the touristic development of Skrapar city

The Assembly Speaker, Ilir Meta attended the presentation ceremony of an Albanian-Italian joint project in the touristic development of Skrapar city. This project aims to promote the natural landscapes and touristic potentials of the area, as well as its bio products by improving the touristic infrastructure. The project is established by the Albania-Italian Development Program of the Debt for Development Swap Agreement and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, Corovode Municipality and local communes of the Skrapar city.

The Assembly Speaker declared at the ceremony that this area must be promoted in various aspects, especially regarding its touristic potentials and bio production and also the promotion of tradition. ”Osumi valley is an extraordinary touristic spot, and since this Italian project was successfully implemented in Permet city, it will have the same effects even in Skrapar in order to highlight all the touristic products and natural beauties which will boost tourism,” stated Meta.

Present in the signing of the agreement for this joint Albanian-Italian project, were also the Minister of Tourism, Eglantina Gjermeni, the Italian ambassador to Albania, Massimo Gaiani, the Minister of Agriculture Edmond Haxhinasto and representatives of the IADSA.


Minister Gjermeni declared that since tourism is a strategic sector for the economic development of Albania, such project will foster the development of it at a short time. “Skrapari has all the potentials to be a new touristic destination in Albania.  I am very happy for the signing of this agreement, which complies with the tourism development strategy of the government. The economy of a country cannot be developed only by a sole Ministry or institution, but the coordination of joint efforts and projects will help us achieve our goals,” added Gjermeni.

The realization of this project will have a positive impact in the decrease of unemployment and the economic development of the area.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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