Nettuno fish processing company, a success story

Nettuno fish processing company, a success story

The Assembly Speaker Ilir Meta visited on Thursday Nettuno fish processing company with headquarters in Elbasan city. The purpose of this visit was to praise the contribution this company is giving to the city by employing more than 450 people. On this behalf, Meta declared: “This new enterprise has employed over 450 people within a year and aims to multiply the number of employees in the upcoming years due to the increase of company’s activity and new technologies applied.”

According to the Assembly Speaker Meta, such enterprises should be fully supported by the government in order to be competitive in the European and international markets. This is an excellent example of entrepreneurial skills, added Meta, which can transform into an extraordinary public good not only for the local economy but also for hundreds of families.

On the other hand, the administrator of Nettuno company, Petraq Guxho declared that fish processed products are exported abroad and added that the company will invest EUR 3.6 million for the improvement of the technology used and the increase of the number of employees.

Nettuno is an Albanian – Italian owned company, with headquarters in Elbasan city and aims to employee at least 1200 people in the upcoming months.

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