Nation’s Road Fee to Be Euro 4.16 for Small Vehicles

Nation’s Road Fee to Be Euro 4.16 for Small Vehicles

TIRANA, July 27

 The fee for the small vehicles entering the Nation’s Road will be euro 4.16 without the value added tax. The Ministry of Transports clarified that the fee, which in total is Euro 5, was calculated based on kilometres. The drivers are going to pay Euro 3.63 cent per kilometre given that the highway is 114.5 km long. On the other hand, the fee for buses and trucks is expected to be decided in September.

According to the spokesmen of the Ministry, the fee on Milot-Morina highway was decided since July 2014 based on the recommendation of ‘IFC’ consultant.

Despite this fact, the final fee is 3.7 percent higher than the fee suggest by the other consultant, Egnatia Odos.

Moreover, the Ministry rejected the claims made by the opposition by declaring that the fee is below the region’s average.

Further on, the Turkish company, Vendeka Bilgi, the winning company that will maintain the road promised a capital investment of EUR 50.6 million as well as an ongoing investment for maintenance and operation with a value of EUR 320.6 million.

 News Source: Ora News

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