How Much Did Tourists Spend in Albania in 2017?

How Much Did Tourists Spend in Albania in 2017?

TIRANA, October 8

Albania is a fast-growing tourist destination, but one of the most important questions is how much do international tourists spend and how does it compare to the other countries of the region?
The map by provides more insights into one of the most important sectors of the Albanian economy. The data provided by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) confirms that Albania generated over $ 2billion in revenues during 2017 from international tourist arrivals.
Each country on the map has a color depending on the continent where it is located. Meanwhile, the size of each country was adjusted to correspond to the annual amount that tourists spend. Only the countries that have tourism industries large enough can appear on the map.
Albania ranks second in the region following Croatia that in 2017 generated $11 billion in revenues from the tourism industry. In the meantime, tourists in Montenegro and Serbia spent $1 billion in each of the countries.
Based on the WTO’s data the top ten countries with the highest international tourism earnings in 2017 were:
The USA, $211 billion
Spain, $68 billion
France, $61 billion
Thailand, $57 billion
United Kingdom: $51 billion
Italy, $44 billion
Australia,$42 billion
Germany, $40 billion
Macao (China), $36 billion
Japan, $34 billion

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