More Businesses Open in as Albania Eases COVID-19 Measures

More Businesses Open in as Albania Eases COVID-19 Measures

TIRANA, May 11

Starting Monday, hairdressers, commercial centers, dental clinics are among the businesses activities allowed to operate conforming to set safety protocols. In the meantime. 14 municipalities are now considered green areas, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced during the weekend.
The new green areas include the municipalities of Lushnja, Patos, Roskovec, Korca, Has, Kukes, Lezha, Mirdita, Fushe-Arrez, Malesi e Madhe, Vau i Dejes, Kavaja, and Vora. Citizens in those cities are allowed to use their private vehicles within the green areas until 21:00 hours.
Moreover, gathering restrictions are still in force. No gathering of more than five people is allowed in indoor or outdoor locations. Examples of gatherings include arts and cultural events, concerts, informal events, conferences, weddings, sports events, public transport, etc.
At the same time, all people turning from abroad will be self-isolated in their houses.

Source: Health Ministry

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