More Bee Farms this Year, but Subsidy is Still Modest

More Bee Farms this Year, but Subsidy is Still Modest

TIRANA, August 23

The bee farms are increasing each year, because of the high income, that comes from the production of honey, also because it is less engaging than other jobs in the farming sector. According to data by the Agency for Rural and Farming Development, during 2019 have applied and were qualified for a subsidy, around 962 bee masters all over the country, whereas last year were a little more than 600 applications.

Referred to data, 90% of the bee farms that have already applied, have in possession between 100-150 beehives. Meanwhile, the sum of money, that is being offered by the national scheme is considered modest, only Lek150.000 for bee farm. The costs to start beekeeping, are not expensive. The experts tell that the production of honey could generate high earnings, it is only necessary to have a well-managed business plan.

The big gap between the consumption of honey in Albania, and the available quantity, shows a lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs to exploit. The demand is high, the expenses low. It is enough only a small capital and it could be started from home. The Association of Beekeepers in Albania, reports for a big expansion of bee masters all over the country, while the demand is still higher compared to honey production.

To increase the production of Albanian honey, and to compete with imported products, which don’t have the same quality, the government has to subsidize more the small bee farmers and to change the subsidy scheme. Currently, Albania cannot export any product of animal origin to E.U. countries, including honey, because of the lack of health safety. Delegations from E.U. have come to Albania to inspect the bee farms, and have found that they have not met the European standards.

Eugent Skermo, the owner of the bee company ‘Mjalti Morava’, says that it is more a matter of not taking the proper measures to continue, and promote more in this sector, to be certified. He says that it is the responsibility of the state organs to take the matter seriously, to carry out real market research, and then to start the negotiations regarding the trade of these products of animal origin, such as honey.


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