Mooring Buoys to Protect Seafloor Habitat in Karaburun-Sazan

Mooring Buoys to Protect Seafloor Habitat in Karaburun-Sazan

TIRANA, June 13

Tour boats and private boats navigating within Karabun-Sazan Marine Park area can now use five mooring buoys instead of dropping anchor. The new infrastructure will help to protect the Posidonia Oceanica meadows as traditional types of anchors tend to dig and uproot the seagrass meadows.
Karaburun-Sazan Marine National Park encompasses a rich ecosystem of Posidonia Oceanica meadows, a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. This seagrass also serves as habitat for other marine species that are included in the IUCN Red List. The area is also inhabited or visited by species such as sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, various types of fish, and the monk seal.

The locations of the mooring buoys:

1 at Saint Vasil
1 in Dhimekushta
2 at Saint Jani
1 at Grama Bay
In the meantime, five other buoys were along the border of the only marine park in Albania.
The Administration for the Protected Areas in Vlora call on all tour operators to respect the marine park and use the mooring buoys.
“Karaburun – Sazan Marine Park belongs to all of us, thus it needs responsibility and protection from all the subjects that directly or not benefit from the park,” ADZM Vlora said on its announcement.

The project was concluded by the Administration of Protected Areas with the support of UNDP Albania, the Mapping Service, and the State Police.

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Source/Photo Credit: ADZM

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