Minister of Environment attends “Climate changes and the green economy” conference in Serbia

Minister of Environment attends “Climate changes and the green economy” conference in Serbia

Albanian Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka attended the International Conference on Environment, focused on the “Climate changes and the green economy”, held on November 19-20 in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference was organized in the framework of the UN Network for Sustainable Development, and was attended by Serbian Minister of Environment, Montenegro’s Minister of Sustainable Development and representatives of environmental organizations.


In his address, Koka said the rapid climate change is now a prior theme in the global environment agenda and for this, “Albania supports the position held by EU countries towards the United Nations Convention for the development of the green economy”. Albania supports measures taken by this institution for the reduction of greenhouse gases and for the increase of renewable energy sources by 35% until 2020, as well as for the increase of energy efficiency by 9% until 2018, declared the Minister of Environment, Koka.

The Minister announced the implementation of several projects in the environmental field by the Ministry of Environment in Albania, in partnership with important institutions as the EU, World Bank, GIZ, UNDP, UNEP and other international donators, aimed at developing a green energy in country

“Albania has compiled two important documents regarding this, the First and Second National Communication for climate changes and is being worked for the compilation of the Third Communication. By this, we aim to engage and collaborate with institutions in sectors of energy, industry, agriculture, forests, transport and wastes.”

The conference’s aim was to bring to the attention of the policymakers and businesses the importance to prevent pollution and to develop a green energy, as well as to identify the challenges and solutions for this problem.

News source/photo credits: Ministry of Environment, Enora Josse (Flickr)


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