“Mimesis” exhibition of French multidisiplinary artist presented in Tirana

“Mimesis” exhibition of French multidisiplinary artist presented in Tirana

French multidisciplinary artist Frederic Beaugeard showcased for the first time in Albania a collage of drawings entitled “Mimesis”, drawn in a period of 20 years in row, based on themes that are different from each-other but have in common a basic feature: the man as an eternal nomad that seeks to find the meaning of life and things that surround him, in experimenting life and itself at the same time.

The exhibition of more than 20 drawings (each drawing is sold 10.000 ALL – around 100 dollars), painted mainly in black and white, which sound the melancholy and the emptiness of life, in the center of which the author has drawn an enigmatic man. “This man could be me or you, or everyone,” says Frederic. “Our life is a continuous journey in time and space, in real and surreal places.”


French artist, who currently works as a French language lecturer in Tirana, says that his journeys in various countries have inspired him to create and showcase these drawings. According to him, these drawings come very spontaneously and in a surreal manner. The contemporary artist has won several prices and awards for his works and exhibitions in France and other countries.  The collection of 20 drawings has been showcased in South Korea in 2002, in 2009 in USA and now for the first time in Tirana capital, at Tirana Ekspress alternative art space.



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