MIE Approves Solar Energy Use from Small Producers

MIE Approves Solar Energy Use from Small Producers

TIRANA, June 21

Small producers of renewable energy that use this energy for their personal needs are now allowed to connect with the distribution network and to exchange this energy with the Electricity Distribution Operator (in Albanian OSHEE). The instruction was signed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE) Belinda Balluku. For almost 3 months, there have been negotiations between the small producers, OSHEE and the Ministry about this issue.

The minister Belinda Balluku said that this is a process that has already started and now there all of the possibilities, to have an exchange between the small producers and OSHEE. According to her, it is a complex process that doesn’t end here. If today it has been finished the process of documentation, basically it should work out.

For almost two years, since the approval of this law, the small producers of renewable energy for their personal use couldn’t transfer the surplus energy in the power grid of OSHEE because it was lacking the approval from MIE. After the adoption of this act, it is necessary for the private subjects to take authorization from OSHEE. The production should not surpass the need for self-consumption.

Source/ Scan T.V.

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