Men from Has kept the Albanian tradition of bread baking

Men from Has kept the Albanian tradition of bread baking

If you think that baking bread at home has already vanished nowadays, think twice. This early ottoman tradition of homemade bread still exists in Balkans, at least in the Has region of Albania, where you can be certified about your bread-making skills. Pellumb Peka is a successful Albanian owner of a bakery in this city, trying to expand his activity even in other neighboring countries in Balkans, as in Hungary.


According to a Balkan Insight article, people from Has region and Kosovo regions bordering this small city of 8000 residents, have opened more hundreds of bakeries in Hungary. In the other side, many others are seeking jobs in this profession in EU, with their abilities certified by the successful owner Peka.

It seems that bakers from Has have unique skills in this vocation. “A certain deftness is required in kneading bread that only people from Has seem to have,” says Sokol Cahani, who operates a bakery in the Albanian capital, Tirana. “I have seen others do it, but they are not as apt.”

*This is part of a Balkan Insight article. To read the original article, please click here.

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