Master Plan on Albanian Alps Adopted

Master Plan on Albanian Alps Adopted

TIRANA, December 11

The Tourism Plan on the Albanian Alps that paves the way for an investment of Euro 170 million in one of the most beautiful areas of Albania was adopted by the National Territory Council (KKT). The project that is expected to generate more than Euro 1 billion during the next 15 years was presented during the meeting of KKT in Shkodra, northwestern Albania, during the weekend for the inhabitants of the area and the mayors of local units. The plan consists of three stages and the goal is to strengthen the tourism potential, to help preserve the characteristic elements of the area and to invest in the service sector, in accommodation facilities, and in other sectors that will make the Albanian Alps more attractive to the tourists.
“The masterplan will go through three stages and the economic profit that it is expected to generate is about Euro 980 million by 2031,” Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi said.
Moreover, he highlighted that the plan will preserve elements such as traditions, the dramatic landscape, and its mysterious features, and it will encourage adventure tourism. He also added that one of the project goals consists of doubling the number of visitors every five years.
Some 67,000 tourists visited the Albanian Alps during 2016 and the goal for 2031 is 600,000 annual visitors.
The plan focuses on the sustainable development of the region and on the creation of a new cycle of tourism development concerning the growth and exploitation of natural assets.
Further on, the KKT adopted the plan on Tropoja Municipality that was presented during the same event. The plan includes infrastructural investments, development of agriculture, water transport, traditional and organic foods, and the establishment of a vocational school on tourism.

News Source: ATA, local media

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