Manoolia Digital company donates for families in need, in Tirana capital

Manoolia Digital company donates for families in need, in Tirana capital

Christmas and New Year’s Eve preparations have warmed the atmosphere of every city in the world, as the lights shine bright and the happiness touches anyone. But, unfortunately, not all people have the opportunities or are lucky enough to feel the joy of these celebrations, due to the heavy economic situation in their families. Helping people during winter holidays has been a tradition for many small or big companies, but when a startup donates, that’s beyond expectations!

Manoolia Digital company, an one-year established startup in Tirana capital, is one of the generous companies which has donated a considerable amount for families in need. Five members of the company bought different food items and sent them to families in need, in Bathore locality, Tirana.

The chosen families in need were living in difficult circumstances, where a family of 5 or more members lives in one room, in abandoned buildings. The company donated food for eight families in ‘Pallati me Shigjeta’ area and several others in Bathore locality. The donation was made in cooperation with some church missionaries who have come from different countries and are currently working voluntarily in Albania.


Making an impact in the world is a startup’s main purpose regarding new technologies and inventions that can make our lives easier, but making an impact in terms of charity means that a company is no longer that ‘disoriented startup team’, whose aim is only making money.

Manoolia Digital company has promised to continue its tradition in donating for people in need, not only in Tirana but even in other Albanian cities. This newly established startup may be one of the fewest startups that donated so far for people in need in Tirana.


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