Lukova, the Most Overlooked Village in Albania

Lukova, the Most Overlooked Village in Albania

Lukova is a small overlooked village in Southern Albania that most of the visitors and tourists that travel from Vlora to Saranda fail to notice. Not too many words are needed to describe the beauty of traditional architecture, small cobblestone alleys and turquoise beaches.

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During the communist regime, Lukova was an internment village, where families from all over Albania were sent to  work in the olive groves. Many people succeeded in escaping Communist Albania from the beaches of the village.


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Differently from most of the towns in southern Albania, there is no sign of modern architecture in the small village. The local people do the utmost to preserve their traditional construction style. They even refuse to sale properties to people that aren’t from Lukova.


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This is the alley that walks from the national road down to the beach. For the major part of the year, it is covered with flowers. Meanwhile, in September, over ripe jujube fruits cover the path. lukova 3

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But where does this narrow path takes the people that walk it?

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Photo Credit: Arton Krasniqi

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