Living Cost, Tirana One of the Cheapest Cities in the Region

Living Cost, Tirana One of the Cheapest Cities in the Region

TIRANA, January 18

The Albanian capital is one of the cheapest cities in the region. The latest cost of living index 2018 by Numbeo confirms that the cost of living in Tirana continues to be very low compared to the other countries of Balkans. The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica has the region’s most expensive cost of living while Pristina has the lowest cost of living. The index is based on indicators such as transportation, groceries, restaurant prices, and local purchasing.
Number’s index includes a list of 540 cities around the world. The most expensive city in the world is Hamilton in Bermuda, followed by five Swiss cities, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, and Lausanne. Meanwhile, the city with the lowest cost of living is Thiruvananthapuram in India.

Previously, Business Insider published a list of Europe’s 26 cheapest cities and Tirana ranked 19th. Tirana is one of the European capitals where it is possible to live on less than 600 pounds, ($800, €673, Lek89,000). According to Business Insider, this is less than one-third of the monthly cost for a person living in London.

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