Lek 58 mln Grant for Businesses in Old Korca Bazaar

Lek 58 mln Grant for Businesses in Old Korca Bazaar

TIRANA, July 7

Small businesses operating in the Old Bazaar of Korca, south-eastern Albania, will get advisory services as well as small grants with a total value of Lek 58 million from the Albanian-American Development Fund (AADF) in order to improve their efficiency and make the best use of the new opportunities which will be created.
The Old Bazaar of Korca is an ensemble of buildings with artistic and urban-architectural values. It was recently reconstructed in the frame of a project that aims at turning the area into the main tourist attraction in Korca. Therefore, a Cooperation Agreement for the Grant Program for the businesses of the Old Korca Bazaar was signed on Wednesday by Minister of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship Milva Ekonomi, Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi and the AADF.
All sides seek to provide concrete actions and raise awareness through this partnership. It is expected to be of great value to the area, attracting many businesses which will revitalise the bazaar but also spur economic development in the region. The purpose of the project is to expand business services for visitors, to increase trade capacity and to establish an approach to a new attracting area. Further on, one of the main goals of the project is to preserve traditional elements of cultural heritage in the Bazaar area.

News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: AADF

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