Legalization of Albanian Documents for Use in Italy Becomes Easier

Legalization of Albanian Documents for Use in Italy Becomes Easier

Tirana, December 5

Starting January 1st, all the Albanian citizens living in Italy that will need to authenticate legal documents will do it at a reduced time and cost. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA) announced on Wednesday that in cooperation with the Italian authorities in Albania it was decided that the Ministry will provide the certification of translation of the documents starting January 1st, 2019. Currently, this procedure is carried out by the Italian Embassy in Albania.

The procedure is a relief for the Albanian citizens, as it speeds up the process at the less expensive cost. The legal document authentication and translation will be completed by the Legalization Sector at the MEFA.
So far, Albanian citizens followed a procedure that required getting the Apostille certification by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, translating and notarizing the document, and then legalizing it at the Italian Embassy.

Meanwhile, the new agreement defines that after the document is translated by a notary it will be certified at the MEFA.
This means that the procedures will take only seven days and the cost will be Lek 2,200. Currently, the time needed for a document authentication is up to 20 days and it costs Lek 5,000. According to the Ministry, over 120,000 Albanian documents for use in Italy are legalized annually.
News Source/Photo Credit: MEFA

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