Kosovo to Join Albania’s Power Grid in 2020

Kosovo to Join Albania’s Power Grid in 2020

TIRANA, December 3

Starting April 2020 Kosovo will end dependence on Serbia’s power grid and join Albania’s power grid instead following an agreement signed on Monday by the Transmission System Operator of Albania and the Transmission System and Market Operator Company of Kosovo (KOSTT).

“This is a historic agreement for Kosovo and KOSTT,” Chief Executive officer of KOSTT Ilir M. Shala stated while adding “until now KOSTT was part of Serbia’s grid Elektromreza Srbije (EMS). After the implementation of the new agreement with Albania, we will detach from EMS.”

The agreement complies with the new requirements of the European Network of Transmission System Operators ENTSO-E.
Previously, in 2018 ENTSO-E warned Serbia that it would suspend EMS’s membership if it didn’t resolve a dispute with Kosovo that caused digital clocks on the continent to run slow.

Source/ Photo Credit: KOSTT

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