Korca city to celebrate ‘Apple Festival’ third edition

Korca city to celebrate ‘Apple Festival’ third edition

Korca Municipality will organize the third edition of Apple Festival on October 3rd – 5th, a traditional annual festival which will promote the cultivation of apple in Korca region and other local fruit-growing products. Apple is one of the most cultivated products in the southeast region of Albania and a source of revenues for local farmers which cultivate such product and export it.

During the celebrations of the Apple Festival, another event will take place in Korca. The Agro Business Fair will showcase the agricultural products of farmers from all over the land and farmers from regional countries. The fair will serve as a meeting point between farmers and experts of the agriculture field, and also is expected to increase the chances for farmers to sell their products.

According to Ministry of Agriculture sources, this year’s Apple Festival will have the special attention of the Minister of Agriculture and other local authorities which will participate at events that are scheduled to organize during this weekend in Korca city.

News source: ATA

Photo credits: Ferma Ime

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