“Korca Beer Fest” to be held on August 12th-16th

“Korca Beer Fest” to be held on August 12th-16th

Preparations for “Korca Beer Fest”, the biggest event in Korca in August month have begun since the city is preparing to host thousands of visitors and beer-lovers for five days in a row. Korca Beer Fest has since 2007 transformed in a traditional summer festival in Korca southeast city were Albanian and foreign tourists meet and consume enormous gallons of beers. The main principles of the festival which is organized by the Korca Municipality are the key of success of this feast, according to the organizers.

The entrance is free and the price of beers is cheaper than in other occasions. Each night, beer-lovers can enjoy live concerts with popular Albanian and regional signers and bands. The event is also an exhibition of Albanian and foreign beer brands and products of meat, snacks, ect.

“Korca Beer Fest” has been awarded with the prize of “Tourism” by the Ministry of Culture in 2010 for the huge impact in attracting visitors and promoting tourism and traditions of Korca city and other nearby southern cities of Albania.


In overall, Korca Beer Fest attracts at least 100.000 visitors in Korca city during five festive nights. The feast has become an important activity which has received a big attention by the Korca Municipality and Korca citizens. This year’s event will be hosted during August 12th – 16th, under the auspices of Korca Municipality.

News source/photo credits: Korca Beer Fest

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