Koplik Free Trade Zone Opens to Foreign Investment

Koplik Free Trade Zone Opens to Foreign Investment

TIRANA, June 30

The free trade zone of Koplik is now officially open to foreign investors. The area located in Malesi e Madhe, northern Albania, consists of 15 cadastral units and about 61 hectares of agricultural fields and pastures. The area is apt for manufacturing, industrial, agro-processing activities, for trading and storing goods, and other services. According to the official decision, the free trade area will operate for a period of 99-years for a symbolical price of Euro 1.
The establishment of this free trade area comes after Spitalla free economic zone didn’t result as expected. The Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship decided to divide it in three smaller districts in order to provide more investing options to foreign investors.
In the meantime, enterprises from Macedonia and Turkey have shown interest for the area of Koplik. The economic and technological development zone of Koplik has a strategic position because it provides links between Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. It is located 45km away from the Port of Shengjin, 34 km from Bar port in Montenegro and 127 km away from the port of Durres.
The criteria for the evaluation of the projects will depend on the technical project proposal, environmental and social impact, the financial capacity of the company, etc.

News Source: Scan TV

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