Konfindustria Asks for Changes to 2018 Budget to Tackle Floods

Konfindustria Asks for Changes to 2018 Budget to Tackle Floods

TIRANA, December 4

The Albanian Confederation of Industry (Konfindustria) said in a press statement issued on Sunday that the government must draft and implement as soon as possible the strategy for the prevention of massive and repetitive floods. According to Konfindustria, changes to 2018 budget are needed to be taken in an extraordinary parliamentary session in order to plan funds for the establishment of a system of protection against floods.
Currently, the latest data from the Commission of Civil Emergencies confirm that more than 3,300 houses, 40 businesses, and 10,200 hectares of land were flooded mostly in Fier and Vlora areas. Moreover, 56 schools and 28 bridges all around the country were damaged.

Therefore, the Albanian Confederation of Industry suggests that the Parliament must require the executive power to draft and submit the project on the possible changes to 2018 budget.
Further on, Konfindustria says that the repetitive closure of national roads and massive floods of businesses and agricultural lands has a major financial and economic impact in the long term. According to Konfindustria, the situation reflects the low efficiency of hitherto funding and institutional incapacity.

News Source: TCh, Shqip

Photo Credit: A. Koci

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