KESH Submits Request for Vau i Dejes Floating Solar Power Plant

KESH Submits Request for Vau i Dejes Floating Solar Power Plant

TIRANA, December 4

In spring 2018 the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) unveiled an innovative project on renewable energy production. The novelty of the project consisted of the exploitation of one single power plant facility for generating power from two renewable sources, hydropower and solar power.
Recently, KESH submitted its proposal to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE). The request consists of a floating solar power plant in Vau i Dejes Lake and it accounts for a capacity of 12.9 MWp. According to KESH, the project aims at saving land surface and at the same time, to maximize the exploitation of solar power as the installation of photovoltaic plants requires large land surface. Vau i Dejes has many advantages compared to land photovoltaic plants in terms of energy efficiency. Moreover, the presence of the plant will have an impact on the lake ecosystem as it will prevent algae growth and also improve the water quality.

“KESH expressed its interest for the construction of a floating photovoltaic plant in Vau i Dejes, Shkodra Region…. The Detailed application can be accessed at the premises of MIE. The deadline for submitting comments and objections on this project expires in 15 days,” MIE’s press release says.

Moreover, two weeks ago the ministry unveiled a decision on the suspension of scrutiny procedures for photovoltaic parks that aren’t subject to a procurement contract. The decision was based on the argument that the increased interest on the sector requires for a review to the legal frame given that the define capacities have been met.
News Source: Monitor

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