Kastrati Withdraws Bid for Kuksi Airport, New Consortium Submits EUR 7.9 mln Offer

Kastrati Withdraws Bid for Kuksi Airport, New Consortium Submits EUR 7.9 mln Offer

TIRANA, December 24
The procurement procedure Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) for Kuksi Airport entered the bid assessment stage. The bid submission deadline was on December 20th. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE), only one bid was submitted. Surprisingly, it was not Kastrati. The latter in cooperation with TMD Systems made an unsolicited bid for a 35-year concession contract. The bid was awarded an eight percent bonus of points in a special government decision. Despite this, the company withdrew and didn’t submit an offer.

The public bid opening conducted following the deadline pointed out that only one offer was submitted by a temporary consortium. Global Technical Mechanics ltd and Bami ltd specified the contract terms in a cooperation agreement. If PPP contract will be approved, Global Technical Mechanics will perform 30 percent of the works, while the remaining 70 percent will be done by Bami ltd.
The bid qualifying criteria specified that the company should have experience in airport operation and management. Moreover, the successful bidder must have relevant licenses issued by international aviation authorities, through an agreement or contract with the economic operator. The consortium included the agreement with Dutch company NACO with experience airport management and administration.

The consortium’s capex (capital expenditure) is expected to be Euro 7.9 million, VAT excluded.
MIE will inform the media and public opinion on the decision of the bid commission following the documentation review process.

Kuksi Airport has been waiting to become operational for many years. Following many public declarations and postponed dates for starting operations, there’s no confirmed information so far.
News Source: Monitor

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