Japan to fund a $79 ml project in wastewater treatment

Japan to fund a $79 ml project in wastewater treatment

Japanese government will fund an important project in the establishement of a wastewater treatment plant.

Albanian Minister of Transports and Infrastructure Edmond Haxhinasto inaugurated the starting of the construction of the wastewater treatment plant in Kashari commune in Tirana, a $79 ml project deviced and funded by the Japanese government.

“This financing will serve to more than 350 thousand residents of Tirana, by treating a high amount of the waste waters. This will also have a big impact in protecting the environment of the area”, said Minister Haxhinasto.

The total implementation will be realized within a period of two years and the construction will be undertaken by the Japanese contractor “Kubota Corporation” and the Italian contractor “Dondi Construzioni spa”.

This project is considered as one of the most important projects regarding to the protection of environment, to the wastewater treatment and for the increase of the employement in Kashari commune.

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