Italy Reconfirmed Albania’s Largest Trade Partner

Italy Reconfirmed Albania’s Largest Trade Partner

TIRANA, August 2

Italy remains Albania’s main foreign trade partner as it m 39.8 percent of the total volume of trade. This was confirmed by the report on foreign trade for June 2016 issued by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT). According to the report, exports toward Italy increased by 28.5 percent compared to June 2015 while imports advanced by seven percent.
Goods with a value of Lek 68,324 million were exported during January-June period while goods with a value of Lek 84,136 million were imported during the same period.
Textiles and footwear group of goods gave the major positive contribution in the annual increase of exports with Italy. The value of exports for this category for January-June 2016 period was Lek 43,367 million.
Meanwhile, the second most important group with the major importance in imports with the neighbouring country is machinery, equipment, and spare parts. Those are used by the new industries as well as for the renovation of existing industries owned by Italian and Albanian entrepreneurs. The value of imports for this group of goods reached up to Lek 16,252 million.

News Source: INSTAT

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