Italy, fund for the cultivation of tobacco in Albania

Italy, fund for the cultivation of tobacco in Albania

 Tirane, Albania / February 22, 2016

The Italian government will provide a EUR 500,000 fund for the cultivation of tobacco in several areas of Albania which are known for the cultivation of such product. Albania has a long tradition in the cultivation of tobacco and now the government is trying to revive such tradition by supporting farmers with funds and other incentives.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, such fund aims to boost the production of “Made in Albania” products with the aim to export them in the international markets. The Ministry announced that this fund will support farmers who produce traditional Albanian tobacco, taking in consideration the demands for such products in the foreign markets.

Albania started to cultivate tobacco in the beginning of 1900’s and during the communism period this production activity was nationalized and transformed into one of the country’s economy active sectors. Today, Albanians annually spend more than €300 million on tobacco products.

News source: ATA
Photo credits: Pixabay

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