Italians Rank Albania among Top Five Endless Summer Destinations

Italians Rank Albania among Top Five Endless Summer Destinations

TIRANA, September 4

It was the last morning of August and Giancarlo was sitting on the terrace of a restaurant in Qeparo enjoying his coffee and the stunning view over the Ionian Sea and Corfu Island while the owner, a man named after Odyssey was going in and out the terrace bringing food stock up for winter and occasionally calling : ‘O Italiano, guarda!’. At first, he brought dried figs in a string, afterward, he was holding an orange decorative pumpkin shaped like a rose, never seen before. ‘O Italiano’ was heard again after five minutes as he came with a few cups of different jams and spoon sweets. The Italian was happy and when the table was full of food he said: “Tutto d’un altro mondo qua.” (All of another world here.)

Anyone that traveled to southern Albania this summer can confirm a large number of Italian tourists. Albania has been promoted in Italy as one of the top destinations for this year since 2017. Now Italian websites dedicated to the travel industry like ‘Easy Viaggio’ rank Albania among the top five destinations to travel for the month of September along with The Canary Islands, Sicily, Greece, and Egypt.
“The unparalleled sea of Albania,” Easy Viaggio says.
Moreover, it adds: “Higher and higher in the rankings of the destinations chosen for a summer holiday, Albania is fast becoming the “new Croatia”, thanks to its towns rich in history and the almost 500 kilometers of coastline that make it a very popular seaside resort. Especially in September when there are not too many umbrellas and the Mediterranean climate becomes milder. For those who want a beach all for themselves better to move to the south of the country, where the beaches of Dhermi, Drymades, Palasa, and Gjipe are just some of the natural sites still not targeted by mass tourism.”
In the meantime, for those who prefer partying and social life Saranda is the right place with its nightlife made up of bars, clubs, and nightclubs.
“Right way out of Ksamil, a beautiful seaside resort with beaches worthy of Greece, very popular with Italians,” Easy Viaggio concludes.
News Source: Easy Viaggio
A path to the sea in Qeparo Village, Credit: Jetlir Izairi

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