Italian Company Wins Bid for Tirana-Durres Railway

Italian Company Wins Bid for Tirana-Durres Railway

TIRANA, October 28

Tirana-Durres railway, an important infrastructure project that has been going round in circles for years, seems that’s finally going on the right track. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of the Durres-Tirana railway line and the construction of a new railway line to Tirana International Airport to Italy based company INC S.P.A.
Based on EBRD’s contract award, three bids were submitted by STS-KALPATARU (KPTL) J.V SINOHYDRO- EEB J.V.A, and INC S.P.A. The bids from the first two companies respectively based in India and China were considered substantially responsive but didn’t offer the lowest evaluated price. The Bid by INC S.P.A was Euro 69,6 million.
Moreover, the announcement says that EBRD is considering a sovereign loan up to Euro 36.8 million to the Albanian government. The purpose of the loan is to finance the rehabilitation of the existing railway, approximately 34.17km between the port city of Durres and Tirana, as well as the construction of a five-kilometer connection to Tirana International Airport. The total cost of the project is estimated at Euro 92,1 million. The duration of the contract is 30 months.
INC S.P.A was established in the late ‘sixties, with consolidated experience in the field of industrial, civil, and infrastructural construction and related integrated services. is part of FININC group.

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Source: EBRD

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