Israel: Albania, an appropriate country for new investments

Israel: Albania, an appropriate country for new investments

Head of Parliament Ilir Meta visited Israel and met with the highest representatives of the country, in Tel Aviv. During a meeting with Israeli Ministers, they emphazised the need to intensify the economic collaboration between countries and to increase the number of investments. The key point discussed in their meeting whas the cooperation in the fields of energy, natural resources, agriculture, tourism and technology.

After meeting the Israeli Minister of Energy and Waters Sylvan Shalom, Ilir Meta estimated the high number  of Israeli companies established in Albania.

Meanwhile, Sylvan Shalom highlighted the deep interest of Israeli for a further collaboration with Albania as a potential country for investments, full of natural resources and as a country of high importance in the Balkans. He said that Albania can take advantage from Israeli expertise regarding to renewable energy, the gasification of the region and the efficient management of waters and other sources.

During his stay Head of parliament also met with representatives of the Israeli business community, had a visit at High Tech park and a bike ride as a symbolic action to support the latest ecological projects of Tel Aviv Municipality. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israeli Avigdor Liberman emphasized the role of Albania in the region as a perfect example for many countries of the world for the policy of good neighborliness and constructivity.

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