Investors Show Interest in Yachting Marinas and Port Construction

TIRANA, March 5

About ten yacht marinas and ports are expected to be built in the Albanian Riviera. According to Report TV, the government is scrutinizing at least ten proposals on the construction of yachting marinas and a port in the coastline from Vlora to Saranda. Currently, three yacht ports are located in the area, one in Sazani Island and two in Orikum area.
The first request foresees the construction of a yacht marina nearby Vlora port and the second one in Sazani Island.
Moreover, two other proposals on the construction of yacht ports in Vlora, respectively in Radhima and Orikum areas have been submitted.
The fifth proposal foresees the construction of a yacht marina at Porto Romano castle and a cargo port in Narta area.
Another proposal includes Himara as a marina location, meanwhile, five proposals were made for Saranda area. They include a project from Kakome Bay to Ksamil village.
On its part, the Albanian government confirmed the increased interest of Albanian and foreign investors for investing in yachting ports. One of the reasons why the interest in such project increased is related to the tourism law, which defines Euro 1 tax for multi-million strategic investments.

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