International Media Raises Alarm on Albania’s Coastal Erosion

International Media Raises Alarm on Albania’s Coastal Erosion

TIRANA, December 27

Coastal erosion on the shore of the Adriatic Sea in Albania is drawing the attention of international media. TRT World, AFP News Agency, and the Voice of America (VoA) broadcasting in Albanian, during the last week, focused on the alarming pace of coastal erosion in the west and northwest coast of Albania. The sea is swallowing bunkers, beaches and it also poses a threat to wildlife and to people.
“Climate change and the human impact are considered both responsible for this situation,” TRT
World quotes inhabitants of Shengjini as saying.

Some 154 km out of 427 km of coastline are affected by marine erosion. The inhabitants of these areas blame illegal constructions built during the transition period. In some areas, the sea is advancing at a frightening pace of 20 meters per year.
“Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other buildings constructed by the seaside affected natural water streams and this accelerated erosion’s pace,” VoA says.

On the other hand, local people and environment specialists say that the sea it taking revenge on man.
Beaches are now smaller, and wildlife risks to vanish. Fishermen near Kune Lagoon in Lezha area say that the number of pelicans is now reduced while fish diminished. Meanwhile, tree trunks, in an area that used to be a forest, are now decaying in seawater. The fishermen fear that they might have to leave the area just like wildlife is doing. The construction of rock structures can be a solution to this problem.
News Source: TRT World, VoA
Photo Credit: Gent Shkullaku

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