INSTAT: Energy, record of exports

INSTAT: Energy, record of exports

TIRANA, March 24

INSTAT announced today that last year energy exports were 1868 GWh in total, which is two times more than in 2015, as a result of favorable hydrological conditions, but also because of the increment of production capacity in recent years.
INSTAT reported that domestic energy production last year amounted to 7135 GWh, with an annual growth of 22%. While the share of private hydropower and concessionaires amounted to approximately 29% of total production meanwhile it has been 24% in 2015.
The power grid losses last year went down again at the 28% level, from 30.2% that has been in 2015.
According to INSTAT, they have been technical losses in the major cases, caused by shortcomings and depreciation of the transmission network.

News Source: ATA

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