Public Entities First to Implement Fiscalization in January

Public Entities First to Implement Fiscalization in January

TIRANA, December 3

Starting January 1st, 2021, public entities will be able to receive and process electronic invoices conforming to the European standard EN.16931, the General Directorate of Taxation (DPT) confirmed on Thursday on its Facebook page.
The DPT pointed out that the designation of public entities in the initial stage of the fiscalization process is not off-the-cuff. Moreover, the DPT adds that the initial phase will further push the fiscalization process even in the private sector both in B2B and B2C systems.
The fiscalization process which sounds confusing has been delayed on many occasions. It is a new reform or process that will ensure an improved level of control for tax evaders while reducing the grey economy. Moreover, the process will have a positive impact on the domestic economy, especially for businesses, as eInvoicing is safer and saves time that would be normally spent on invoicing.
Moreover, digitalization and automatization of the process would provide better management of human resources while cutting some costs.

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According to the DPT, these are the key elements of the fiscalization process:

  • No new taxes
  • Reduce the grey economy, consequently, reduce taxes
  • Preventing Tax evaders that are stealing from all
  • Nothing will change for existing regular taxpayers
  • Removal of non-payers
  • Modern businesses

The European standard EN.16931 on eInvoicing will make it possible for sellers to send invoices to many customers by using a single eInvoicing format and thus not having to adjust their sending and/or receiving to connect with individual trading parties. To achieve this, the European standard on eInvoicing defines the core elements of an electronic invoice in a semantic data model or the EN.16931.

Source: DPT

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