Info Desk for new Businesses Opens at NBC

TIRANA, March 2

Newly opened businesses in many cases lack information on their legal and fiscal obligations and thus, they fail to fulfil them. The General Directorate of Taxes, which was aware of this problem, opened an info office at the premises of the National Business Centre. Representatives of new businesses can get all the necessary information on fiscal obligations, terms and deadlines. This service is provided for the first time and information desks will open in other districts.
According to the General Directorate of Taxes, businesses can get all the information without going at the tax office.
This initiative is part of the new communication strategy launched by the tax administration. A few days ago, chair of the General Directorate of Taxes Vasilika Vjero said that the institution aims at launching a one-stop shop for fiscal services.

News Source: Monitor

Photo Credit: QKB

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