The Index of Production Prices increased in the third quarter of the year

The Index of Production Prices increased in the third quarter of the year

In the third quarter of 2014, the annual change of the Production Prices Index is at 0.3% level, cites the report of Albanian Institute of Statistics. During this time, prices of water supply, training and managing wastes had the highest increase by 3.1%, while prices in the processing industry sector increased by 1.9%, a slight increase that marked an annual decrease of 0.1% comparing it to figures of a year before.

Compared to the third trimester of the previous year, the prices of products for exports production, increased by 1.0% while the prices of domestic products production increased slightly by 0.2%.  The Index of Production Prices for processing industry products marked a decreased by 0.3%, respectively by 6.7% for “production of tobacco products” activity and by 2.1% for “production of non metallic mining products”.

An increase of prices has been also reported on “production of letter and its products” by 2.4%, “the refinement of textiles” prices increased by 1.4% and the production of electrical equipment price increased by 1.9%. The Index of Production Prices for domestic products reached a percentage of 102.5%, a lower percentage than figures of the same period of a year before. This has been affected by the decrease of production prices of processing industry by 0.3%.

Meanwhile, the Index of Exports Prices increased to 10.4.2%, by marking an increase of 0.3% compared to the previous third quarter.

News source/photo credits: ATA (Agim Dobi)

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