Increased Demand for Albanian Chestnuts in EU Markets

Increased Demand for Albanian Chestnuts in EU Markets

TIRANA, November 3

The significant growth of chestnuts export during the recent three years is becoming a main source of incomes not only for the country’s economy but also for thousands of families in northern Albania. This is the region where chestnuts are cultivated in high quantities. During this year, over 2,500 tons of chestnuts have been exported to Italy. The export price was Euro1.3 per kilogram and consequently, the exporters’ profit was Euro 3.2 million. Such data show a positive perspective for the chestnut business.
In terms of monetary value, this is a small market, but the important aspect is related to the export volume.
Experts of agriculture say that over 1,200 tons of chestnuts were exported during this season mainly from Shkodra region. Meanwhile, the largest area covered with native chestnuts trees in the Balkans is found in Tropoja. It spans for over 20 hectares in Bajram Curr and Dragobia Mountains. About 80 percent of the exports are destined for the Italian market, while the other part goes to Germany and Austria.
The government aims at increasing the export of chestnuts by supporting producers through subsidizing schemes and soft loans.

News Source: AIDA

Photo Credit: Geshtenja e Tropojes

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