Icy Roads Warning as Temperatures to Drop to -13

Icy Roads Warning as Temperatures to Drop to -13

TIRANA, January 4

The weekend will see temperatures drop to -13 in upland areas. According to the Albanian Institute of GeoSciences Energy Water and Environment (IGJEUM), freezing temperatures will hold Albania in an icy grip until Tuesday. The plunge of cold Arctic air will hit the entire country on Friday night. Saturday’s temperatures will vary between -1/5°C on the coast, -2/5°C on lowlands, and -13/3°C in uplands.
Snowfalls will hit areas over 600 meters above the sea level. In the meantime, snowfall hit the southern region and the Ionian coast on Friday. Farmers in the citrus fruit plantations of Konispoli and Mursia rushed to the orchards to pick tangerine crops, as the cold weather might wreak havoc on their produce.

Konispoli manderina
Drivers are advised to be careful in icy roads and drive appropriate speed for the wintery conditions.
News Source: local media
Photo Credit: ARSH, Saranda Web

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