ICT, a Potential Investment Sector in Albania

ICT, a Potential Investment Sector in Albania

TIRANA, November 7

Digitalization along with energy tourism and agro-processing is considered a potential investment sector in Albania according to a discussion paper on investment potentials published on Thursday by Albania Investment Council.

The paper points out that the Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICT) in Albania has made progress in terms of market liberalization, expanding internet use, improvements in public electronic services and in the context of developing the Digital Agenda strategy.
Yet the sector currently faces some issues such as the lack of a responsible policy-making institution for innovation and digitalization, the lack of an action plan for 2018-2020, etc.

The paper points out that in principle, the government creates the necessary preconditions by building strategy and clarifying the vision for the digitalization of the economy, coordinating with donors and facilitating fundraising.

At the same time, the  EU, with its digitalization and innovation strategy, has also prepared a specific strategy for the Western Balkan countries where the intervention pillars (REA MAP) are specified. Meanwhile, a plan for “broadband” internet is expected to be completed by April 2020.

“In the meantime, we note the increased level of internet use in Albania every year by 10-15%, but broadband penetration remains at low levels of approximately 38% of Internet-connected households,” the IC said.
Moreover, it added that as the sector is developing, the training of specialists and ongoing education of youth to cut the digital gap remain key challenges.

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Source: IC

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