Hunting Ban to Stay in Effect until 2021

Hunting Ban to Stay in Effect until 2021

TIRANA, March 10

Even though the Federation of Albanian Hunters pledged to break the ban on hunting, the Constitutional Court verdict says that the ban will stay in nationwide effect until 2021. On its part, the Federation argued that the hunting ban infringes the hunter’s right to hunt. The Constitutional Court issued its verdict after two sessions. The purpose of the law is to stop hunt activities in order to improve, support and balance the needs of wildlife with the need of hunters.
According to experts, the two-year hunting moratorium was not enough for wildlife species to increase their numbers. Therefore, they have sought the postponement to 2021. Based on the law, the hunting ban will stay in nationwide effect for five years.
However, the results of the two-year moratorium were seen in the increased number of migratory birds that flock to Albania for winter sojourn especially in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park and Shkodra Lake.

News Source: local media

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