Hundreds of Students Boycott Classes and Join Protest

Hundreds of Students Boycott Classes and Join Protest

TIRANA, December 5

Students of the University of Tirana, the Polytechnic University, and from the University of Elbasan joined the protest started by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Urbanism against the decision on ceiling tuition fees adopted by the Albanian Council of Ministers in May.
Public universities in Albania enjoy institutional autonomy and they define their own tuition fees that shouldn’t be higher than the designated ceiling.
The students called on public authorities to nullify the verdict (VKM no. 288), tuition fees to be halved, and for better dorm conditions.
Among others, they ask for the removal of a fee of Lek 670 per credit for every carry over exam from the previous academic years. The students also require that the tuition fees are paid on January and not in December.
The students are protesting in front of the Ministry of Education, Sport, and Youth at Durresi Road where traffic was blocked. The students say that they are determined to on their cause.

News Source: local media

Photo credit: Per Universitetin

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