Hundreds Evacuated as Floods Worsen

Hundreds Evacuated as Floods Worsen

TIRANA, December 1

Numerous areas in Albania woke up flooded on Monday. Based on the recent report from the Civil Emergencies of Albania, the flood situation remains critical. An electrician lost his life in Fier while three others were injured in Shkodra.
Currently, the residents of areas threatened by the floods are being evacuated to safer locations. According to the Ministry of Defense, some 315 people were evacuated during the previous night. Tirana-Durres highway can be crossed only in one direction. Meanwhile, it is not possible for vehicles coming from Durres to reach the capital as a section of the highway is still blocked. These vehicles must follow this itinerary Durres-Vore-Rinas-Laknas-Kamez in order to reach Tirana.

Bridges in Zall-Bastar and Mamurras collapsed.
Heavy rainfalls caused Vjosa River to overflow and the civil emergencies in Vlora and Fier are expected to start the evacuation of livestock in the areas of Novosela, Fitore, Bishan, etc. Power was down in 23 villages in Fier region. Public emergencies authorities call on citizens in flood-affected areas to be careful around downed power lines and wires and to keep their TV or radios on in order to get the latest information and guidance from authorities. In case of emergencies call 112.

News Source: TCh, local media

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