How to Join the Rural Youth Hub

How to Join the Rural Youth Hub

TIRANA, December 4

Are you a young person living in rural areas or involved with the development of rural communities? The Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) launched a call for motivated and enthusiast young people who want to be a strong factor in the empowerment of rural youth and increase participation in decision making.
ANRD will create Rural Youth Hub that is going to comprise a network of young people focused on rural development and policymaking.
The Hub welcomes youth involved in agriculture, tourism, entrepreneurship, local products, education, local development, gender issues, and women empowerment, etc.

The main goals of the Rural Youth Hub include:
To place the issues faced by youth in rural areas at the heart of public debate;
To provide recommendation and practical solutions for those issues;
To identify challenges and define goals to advance the aspirations of rural youth.
To mobilize and engage rural youth in civic engagement by supporting their priorities and interests;
To empower youth in rural areas through awareness, education, and opportunities for local, regional, and European networking.

You can fill out your application form HERE

Source: ANRD

Photo: Junior Hiking Club Mirdita Rubik, credit: InfoKulla Mirdite 

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