How to Get a Refund for Earthquake and COVID-19 Fines?

How to Get a Refund for Earthquake and COVID-19 Fines?

TIRANA, October 23

Albanian authorities have decided to refund all the fines that were collected from businesses and individuals breaking COVID-19 rules and from families affected by natural disasters. A recent directive published in the Official Gazette, Issue No. 186, explains how to get the fine payment refunded.

More specifically, the directive follows the act to pardon all the fines issued for those that failed to comply with the COVID-19 measures between April 17th and October 7th.
Moreover, it specifies that all administrative measures issued by local governing units for families affected by natural disasters, the earthquakes of September 21st, and November 26th, on violations to law notices during the reconstruction or repair of individual houses.

According to the guidance, the refund of the paid fine will be obtained from the account where it has been paid.
Individuals and businesses/subjects must provide the following information to the responsible office of the institution that issued the fine:
Name/ last name of the individual, the name of business or subject
ID document/ NUIS
The name of the bank where the individual/ business has an active account
Verification from the bank which confirms that the account is active
Businesses and other entities must provide the certificate from the National Registration Center

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